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Also see How does PodTrapper decide what to download?

Screen Information

This screen shows you the current download queue.

The top of the list shows the currently downloading item, below that are all of the items in the order they'll be downloaded.

Clicking on an item in this screen will take you to the download log where you can see the progression a file takes through its download process.

Menu Items

  • Common Menu Items
  • Update all Podcasts: Forces an update of all podcasts
  • Show in Progress: Shows the downloads currently pending
  • Show Completed: Shows downloads that recently completed
  • Show Failed: Shows the last 10 failed downloads (for viewing their logs)
  • Disable/Enable Downloading: This is the same as adjusting 'Downloading enabled' on the General Settings Screen, which controls all downloads

When an item is selected (or by pressing and holding on an item on touch screen devices):

  • View item: Takes you to the screen for a specific item (Podcast or Episode)
  • View log: View the download log for a specific item
  • Override Methods: Allows the selected download to bypass all restrictions on download transports (wifi/cell/desktop) as well as the current settings for when it's ok to download (charging, overall downloading enabled)
  • Move to Top: This allows you to immediately reprioritize the selected item to the top of the queue
  • Cancel download: Cancels the current download (and marks the episode to not be downloaded if it's an episode)
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