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A podcast manager and player for Blackberry and Android

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What is a podcast?

The first paragraph of the Wikipedia page does a far better job of explaining podcasts than I ever could, but basically a podcast is a downloadable radio or video show for portable devices.

What is a podcast manager and player (podcatcher)?

A podcatcher is a download manager and player of podcasts. A good podcatcher should be totally transparent, and once you've subscribed to your podcasts it should be automatically downloading new episodes in the background. This is what PodTrapper aims to provide for Blackberry and Android devices.

Why PodTrapper?

Podtrapper will allow you to consolidate your podcast listening down to a single device. With PodTrapper, I get to leave the media player at home.


  • Automatic downloading of new episodes via Wifi
  • Automatic downloading of new episodes via Cell network (On most carriers)
  • Downloads via desktop application for those without Wifi or with difficult carriers
  • Keeps track of last played podcast
  • Remembers where you left off in every episode
  • Automatic playlist sorting and management
  • Automatic deletion after listening
  • Built in podcast browser
  • Reliable pause and resume of downloads when connectivity changes
  • Built in keylock to allow for control of audio in your pocket
  • It Just Works, mostly
  • Your feature here

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Screen shots:

Todo List and Changelog

The todo list and changelog have moved to the download page for release and beta versions.