VersaTool, an all-in-one BlackBerry app, hits 1.0

Functionality that previously required many different apps now in a single affordable download

DENVER - February 25, 2010 - has just released version 1.0 of VersaTool, an all-in-one utility application for BlackBerry smartphones. VersaTool provides functionality that has previously required many different apps, plus features never before seen in a BlackBerry application.

"With VersaTool I wanted to create the ultimate utility app." said Marcus Watkins, developer. "In the past, users have needed to purchase four or five different apps just to get half the functionality currently in VersaTool, now they can have all that and more in a single affordable app."

VersaTool's goal is to extend and enhance the built in BlackBerry operating system by providing useful shortcuts and productivity enhancements. Version 1.0 contains over 10 of these enhancements, as applets, that provide functionality ranging from email canned responses to shortcut key popup menus.

Official VersaTool features:

  • Alarms: Set as many nameable and snoozable alarms using whatever ring tones you like for any combination of days and times
  • Canned Responses: Save short or long email clippings and combine them to reply quickly to common emails
  • Auto Reply: Use email/PIN/SMS filters to automatically respond to incoming messages with a Canned Response
  • Home Screen Bookmarks: Bookmark URLs, popup menus, VersaTool applets and many other tasks to your BB home screen
  • Popup Menus: Create menus to common tasks like emailing, calling or searching the web and assign them to home screen bookmarks or convenience keys
  • Really Convenient Keys: The built in convenience keys limit you to one action: pressing a button. VersaTool allows you to assign actions to pressing, but also to pressing and holding and double pressing. You can also assign actions to the mute key and end key. Any action allowable by VersaTool is available as a target: Popping a menu, launching an app, launching a URL and more
  • Run on Start: Have a favorite app that you're always running that doesn't allow run on start? Run on Start allows you to run any app when your BlackBerry starts up
  • Run on Schedule: And why limit yourself to running things on startup? Run on Schedule allows you to schedule any action that VersaTool allows on any schedule you want
  • Just Take the Picture: 9 times out of 10 when you want to take a picture of something, by the time you've got my BB out and unlocked you've lost the opportunity. Just Take the Picture allows you to take pictures from anywhere quickly, even while the device is locked (OS 5.0+ only)
  • Tip Calculator: Are you deficient in basic arithmetic like I am? Tip Calculator will make sure your deficiencies don't penalize your wait staff
  • Unit Conversion: Need to know how many angstroms are in a meter? Easy peasy with Unit Converter
  • Weather: Bookmark the weather for your city to your home screen and see the weather at a glance. The home screen icon always shows the current weather and highs and lows for the day
  • Device Actions: Use scheduling or menu items to perform device actions like enabling wifi, taking a screen shot or locking the device
  • More to come!

Unofficial features:

(These features use undocumented or hidden BlackBerry features that may not be available on all current or future devices and OS versions)

  • Flashlight: (OS 5+ only) Use the brightest light on your berry, the video camera light, to show your way in the dark
  • Standby: Set your berry to automatically standby when the backlight turns off
  • Reboot: Schedule your berry to reboot to refresh your free memory

Pricing and Availability

VersaTool is available free for 30 days from and other major BlackBerry application retailers. After the 30 day trial it retails for $4.99.

For more information contact:
Marcus Watkins


Versatile Monkey is a small development company focused on incorporating customer ideas and feedback to create a more useful product. Extensive use of online forums helps Versatile Monkey ensure it delivers exactly what customers are looking for.

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